Friday, July 31, 2009

Hugo Crosthwaite Video

Draw, Canada!

City-wide drawing festival in Vancouver, BC - July 18 - August 8


Is drawing the cornerstone of your studio practice? Post a comment with your website and any additional information you'd like to provide about what you do and why. I will feature an artist each month, in addition to keeping a running list of Those Who Draw. I am also fascinated to hear what you call what you do; "drawer" has never flowed easily off the tongue. Personally, I stick with the active "I draw."

Thursday, July 30, 2009

USC Hand-drawn Animation

Fourteen students from the University of South Carolina produced 60 short videos in three weeks. Watch them here:

Drawing :: Kinetic

Brilliant street-drawn animation directed by Shynola for Coldplay.

Strawberry Swing

First Mark

The moment of tapping the mic - is this thing on? Greetings, and welcome to a collection of posts, images and thoughts regarding contemporary drawing practice. I welcome all links, references, articles and insights regarding how drawing is currently positioned in the critical and practical landscape of creative production.

What makes drawing an essential practice? What are the boundaries of drawing as envisioned by artists? Critics? Historians? How does drawing inform verbal activity? Where does drawing intersect with theory, and what are the possibilities therein?

I look forward to an expanding conversation in times ahead. Please contribute your images and ideas!