Monday, June 21, 2010

Your Summer Drawing Assignment

There are many viable fusions of drawing and video, and I like to think I've been good at dabbling with several in the past few years. A new one this past weekend involved being filmed while working on an extended drawing (a new experience, not posted here - great for private consumption, however!), and I highly recommend it. You have the opportunity to see how your body and the page interact, how decisions are paced, and the treat of noticing a whole set of gestures that may escape you from your standard vantage point.

If you don't have a cinematographer in the house, the next best thing is to record yourself. Timelapse drawing has come up in several conversations lately, and is also a great way to see how you make visual and kinetic decisions on the page. The video below is a random grab from YouTube. Make your own and see what happens. You have until July 1 - go!

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