Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thinking Through Drawing - The Show

Deadline is August 15, 2015 for this international exhibition in London.

Announcing Thinking through Drawing open exhibition, 2015:
We All Draw: Thinking Drawings 5-9th November 2015
Deadline for submissions: August 15th
Thinking through Drawing are pleased to announce our open exhibition, as part of the 2015 International Symposium: WE ALL DRAW.
We invite all practitioners who use drawing and sketching in their practice, to submit examples of ‘drawings that think’ to be exhibited at the Bargehouse, Southbank, London from the 5th to 8th of November.
When do surgeons use drawing? How do science teachers use drawing? Why does the engineer use drawing? How can drawing be used as a social practice? Where do artists draw? Does drawing facilitate dialogue? Could a drawing resolve a dispute? Does drawing promote wellbeing? Can a drawing sing?
We encourage you to send drawings made privately in your sketchbook or studio as a part of your preliminary working process, as well as ‘finished’ drawings that are a product of a thinking process, that facilitate a certain state of mind, or function as a tool for thought. We welcome everything from spontaneous drawings on the back of envelopes to sustained drawings on traditional drawing papers, providing they can be folded into an A4 envelope (9” by 11”).
*** Please note: there is a SUBMISSION FEE of £25, to cover the cost of the venue, hanging and return shipment. ***

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