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Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice - Submission Deadline 5 September

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Submission deadline is 5 September
Drawing Research, Theory, Practice (D.R.T.P.) promotes and disseminates contemporary drawing practice and research in its current cultural and disciplinary diversity. The journal encourages pluralist forms of discourse, addressing current issues of theory and practice, being concerned with drawing as an interactive process and product, as a form of writing or visual narrative, as a model of representation; an investigative, descriptive or interpretive pursuit, a recording and communicative tool; an interactive and dynamic 'site of conception'; as performance, as support to critical thinking, an interpretative medium and as a site of production.

D.R.T.P. invites practitioners, researchers, educators and theorists in the disciplines of fine art, architecture, design, visual communication, technology, craft, animation, etc. to contribute articles, projects, essay and papers that deal with the various knowledges and representations of drawing.

We invite submissions for the Issue 2 of the Journal including: Articles (5000-6000 words); Research Projects (2000-3000 words); Critical essays (1500-3000 words); Profiles (1000-2000 words) Featured Drawings (1-2); Reviews (1000 - 1500 words) on the latest books, media, museum and gallery exhibitions, conferences, performance, educational and research projects and events that relate to drawing.

Deadline 5th September 2016

Submissions will be double-blind peer-reviewed and must be uploaded via the ‘Drawing Research Theory Practice’ Intellect webpage:
 Please follow this link, scroll down to “submit article” and generate a user account.

Please submit a PDF Document with 1-6 embedded images (72 dpi), captioned, as Name_Surname.doc. On acceptance, a Word Document with separate images (300dpi) will be required via

All contributions should be original and not exceed 20 Mb.
All contributors should submit the Metadata (see attached Notes for Contributors)
Authors are responsible for copyright permissions (article (author) and images (artist or institutional copyright / photographer's permission). Only copyright forms supplied by Intellect are accepted (hand-signed, scanned and returned as PDF files).

Please refer to the D.R.T.P. attached Notes for Contributors and to the Intellect House Guidelines for Style. Authors should ensure guidelines are adhered to; failing to do so leads to delays, and may result in the editor having to return or withdraw the submission.

All enquiries should be addressed to the principal editor
Dr Adriana Ionascu, Ulster University, School of Architecture

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