Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New PBS Series is Draw-Positive

Colin Campbell, the host of Time Team America (which seems to be on every time I turn on PBS - please quiz me on the Clovis Period - I am prepared), provides an excellent role model for drawing enthusiasts. Moreover, he gives a wide audience running exposure to someone drawing in the field (literally), positioning himself between observation and imagination, not to mention providing a great running account of what is happening with that week's archaeological dig. If you haven't watched TTA yet, tune in to watch how smart and vital Colin's drawings are.

Please note I am still lacking a suitable label for someone who draws, and I can't bring myself to use "drawer". Please help.

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  1. Concerning "drawer", which sounds like the place you go to get your underwear in the morning, I have used terms like "mark-maker" or something with mark or marking and or construction in the description. Not necessarily the best solution but, my current works are drawings and monotypes made from iron oxidation on paper and gessoed panels that I cover with encaustic medium. So, I am really making drawings with pieces of metal that I manipulate to "rust" and leave an impression or "trace" mark on the support surface. You can imagine the looks I get on an airplane when the person next to me says "Oh you're and artist, and what kind of art do you make?"............