Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Silvia Bachli and Susan Hefuna

Recent posts have mentioned how drawing (especially while on vacation) slows and refines the act of seeing. While poking about the web looking for drawing's presence this year in Venice, two artists stand out as presenting the opportunity to look slowly at drawings (also while on vacation). Silvia Bachli, in the Swiss Pavilion, and Susan Hefuna, of Egypt, in the Italian Pavilion. Both artists present line works, diagramatic and gestural, and in such quantity that one is able to navigate the space of their ideas through serial unfolding. Shown both under glass and raw on the table (Bachli), the drawings offer up multiple entries for slow looking. Although, if you watch the video from Vernissage.tv, you'll see that the walk-past is still the standard viewing procedure for most.

Bachli Stills from Swiss Pavilion
Bachli Video

Hefuna Stills from Italian Pavilion

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